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177 pounds


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Goldfish can see both infrared and ultraviolet light



On March 5, 1770, a mob of American colonists gathered in Boston and began taunting the British soldiers guarding the building. The protesters, who called themselves Patriots, were protesting the occupation of their city by British troops, who were sent to Boston to enforce unpopular taxation. British Captain Thomas Preston, the commanding officer ordered his men to fix their bayonets and join the guard outside the building. The colonists responded by throwing snowballs and other objects at the British regulars,

Private Hugh Montgomery was hit, leading him to discharge his rifle at the crowd. The other soldiers began firing and when the smoke cleared, five colonists were dead or dying -- Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and James Caldwell -- and three more were injured. The deaths of the five men are regarded by some historians as the first fatalities in the American Revolutionary War.

The British soldiers were put on trial. When the trial ended, two British soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter and had their thumbs branded with an "M" for murder as punishment.



feckless  [FEK-luhs]
1. Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective.
2. Careless and irresponsible.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told the annual gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday that Obama has “a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in America’s strength anymore.

Washington Post



(born March 5, 1955)
Penn Jillette is an American illusionist, comedian, musician, inventor, actor, and best-selling author known for his work with fellow magician Teller in the team Penn & Teller. He is also known for his advocacy of atheism, scientific skepticism, libertarianism and free-market capitalism.

(born March 5, 1979)
Riki Lindhome is an American actress, comedian and musician. She is best known for television roles in shows including Gilmore Girls, House, The Big Bang Theory and United States of Tara

(born March 5, 1936)
Dean Stockwell is an American actor of film and television, with a career spanning over 65 years. As a child actor under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer he first came to the public's attention in films such as Anchors Aweigh and The Green Years; as a young adult he played the lead role in Meyer Levin's Compulsion, from a novel based on the true-life story of Leopold and Loeb. More recently he became widely known for television roles, playing Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci in the 1989–1993 television series Quantum Leap, and Brother Cavil in the Sci Fi Channel 21st century revival of Battlestar Galactica.

(born March 5, 1975)
Jolene Blalock is an American film and television actress and model, perhaps best known for playing the Vulcan T'Pol on the UPN science fiction series Star Trek: Enterprise. She is a regular guest star in television films and series and has appeared in a few feature films.


"It was not that he was feckless, more that he had simply not been around the day they handed out feck."
--Neil Gaiman


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