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Nobody Knows Thr Trouble I See



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At times I feel it necessary to repeat that this blog is meant to be a sounding board for whatever stray thought enters my mind at the time of writing. It is not really a vessel for serious dissertations on important items or incidents of a serious nature, but such things might occasionally appear. Quite by accident, I assure you. Each blog entry is in the form of a rough first draft, edited only for mistakes in basic grammar and spelling.

I do not consider myself to be more than average in intelligence and in most cases I appear to be nearly moronic in my personal conclusions concerning social issues and those everyday things that everybody knows.

But I am somewhat stubborn. I try to report my inner thoughts honestly... and every day.

Modern Education In The United States of North America

Twenty-first century universities do not actually teach but instead program using an indoctrination process which results in "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of innate beliefs and unacceptable affiliations."  -- See brainwashing.

Professors are no longer able to allocate sufficient time to deliver instructional lectures, but primarily imprint authority-acceptable social mores onto receptive minds and only secondarily do they impart more than the basic fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

And the recipients pay dearly for it.

But, you might say, that is just one opinion.

Of course it is. Why would I declaim an opinion contrary to my own?

Another name for indoctrination is brainwashing. Another is mind control. Any of those three appellations has become an acceptable substitute for the former discipline once labeled 'teaching.'

I do not expect the above to be taken literally and accepted by the reader. It never has been in the past when I have broached the subject and spoken of it in these terms. But I decided to once again repeat it here. And I have done so.

To prove that this indoctrination of youth is somehow wrong is not my intention. How can I know if doing so is not perhaps the best, or at least the most effective method of transferring knowledge or needed skills from professor to student? I cannot.

But I can certainly pass on my suspicions.

After all, this is my blog.

To be continued . . .


Did You Know . . .?

Kissing activates many mechanisms in the brain that help to lower stress levels and boost mood.



On this day in 1776, future first lady Abigail Adams wrote to her husband urging him to "remember the ladies" when drafting a new "code of laws" for the fledgling nation. A prolific letter writer, Abigail never hesitated to debate her husband on political matters. She begged Adams to draft laws that were "more generous and favorable" to women than his predecessors had. She half-jokingly claimed that "all men would be tyrants if they could" and pointed out the glaring hypocrisy of male Patriots fighting against British tyranny if they should disregard the rights of half the population when drafting a constitution. Abigail warned "if particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or Representation."

However, like their predecessors, Adams and his contemporaries failed to make codifying women's rights a priority. It was not until 1919 that Congress amended the Constitution to grant women the right to vote.



1,  an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake.
2.  deliverance; rescue.
3.  Theology . deliverance from sin; salvation.
4.  atonement for guilt.
5.  repurchase, as of something sold.

Redemption is a religious concept referring to forgiveness or absolution for past sins or errors and protection from damnation and disgrace, eternal or temporary, generally through sacrifice. Redemption is common in many world religions, including Indian religions and all Abrahamic religions, especially in Christianity and Islam. In Judaism, redemption refers to God redeeming the Israelites from their various exiles. This includes the final redemption from the present exile. As a Christian theological term, redemption refers to the deliverance of Christians from sin. It assumes an important position, however, only when the ills in question form part of a great system against which human power is helpless. In Buddhist theology, it encompasses a release from worldly desires.



(born March 31, 1943
Christopher Walken is an American actor, screenwriter, and director who has appeared in more than 100 films and television shows, including The Deer Hunter, Annie Hall, The Prophecy trilogy, The Dogs of War, Brainstorm, The Dead Zone, A View to a Kill, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can, and Seven Psychopaths, 

(born March 31, 1948)
Rhea Pearlman is an American actress, best known for her role as Carla Tortelli on the sitcom Cheers, for which she won four Emmy Awards.

(born March 31, 1934)
Richard Chamberlain is an American stage and screen actor and singer, who became a teen idol in the title role of the television show Dr. Kildare (1961-1966). Since then, he has appeared in several mini-series such as Shogun (1980) and The Thorn Birds (1983), many successful films, performed classical stage roles and worked in the musical theatre.

(born March 31, 1985)
Jessica Szohr is an American actress. Szohr began her screen career starring on television shows such as CSI: Miami and What About Brian. She gained recognition in 2007 with her breakthrough role as Vanessa Abrams on The CW series Gossip Girl. She most recently appeared in the 2010 horror film Piranha 3D, the 2011 comedy I Don't Know How She Does It, and the 2013 film The Internship.


Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person.
--Tennessee Williams


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