Sunday, March 23, 2014

Guest Blogger 3/23/14

Others' Firsts

Please note I've had two glasses of wine and attribute any typos to that, 'kay? (How do you type slurred?)

It took me awhile, but I have to Drivel on last night's theatre show.

I took Donna, an Internet friend who hasn't been to a live play in ages and has never been to the tent. There is something special about theatre "in the round".... something that just can't be matched elsewhere.

And there is something magical in other people's firsts... Sometimes in pet's firsts, too -- like when Cavy saw snow for the first time.

You see the same old thing through another's eyes; feel the magic all over again.

The anticipation of what they're in for... the light in their eyes that you remember having... the sensations; everything is so clear and you remember when it was your first time...

I warned Donna about the things I wish I'd been warned about: the creepy men in the aisles (that this time didn't appear), the long lines at restroom and refreshments during intermission, the sprint for the car at play's end (I'm used to people at these things being polite, she says).

The play was excellent and even the paper's critic liked it. What a wonderful first. It was a first like this one that got us hooked on season tickets.

What is it about watching someone else's first that brings back the magic?

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