Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guest Blogger 3-9-14

First Annual Bash

I had almost the best news in the world today. The construction guys are close to done and expect to be out of my hair (and my house) next week! For those of you keeping track, yes, they broke ground on the Fox Room over six months ago. It's been a long ride.

Beginning the day after they leave (I want to be sure they're really gone) comes the work of putting the house back together: cleaning up the construction evidence (dust, mostly), papering the new shelves, moving everything back into the kitchen and bathrooms, stocking the new half-bath, hanging blinds and pictures. It'll be exciting and a lot of work. Several people had offered to come talk to me as I work, or help with these things. If you were one of those folk, expect another email soon after this one. I need all the motivational help I can get!

The plan is to have everything important in place in time for the First Annual Bash.

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