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Why do women wear bras?

Wikipedia says: A bra, sometimes referred to as brassiere, is a woman's undergarment that supports her breasts. Bras are typically form-fitting and perform a variety of functions and have also evolved into a fashion item. The primary purpose of a bra is to support the woman's breasts.

Women commonly wear bras to conform to social norms such as a dress code, or because they believe bras prevent breasts from sagging, a fact that even bra makers do not support... and, various surveys have reported that from 75–95 percent of Western women wear bras.

Bras are less common in third-world countries where manufacturing technology and retailers are scarce or non-existent. TMS Ruge, co-founder of a money transfer platform in Uganda, says that "Bras are alien to African culture.."

The Daily Mail says:
Women could be putting their health at risk by wearing bras, researchers have warned. A study by two British surgeons found they are more likely to suffer regular breast pain, which has been linked to breast cancer. There is already international evidence that cultures where women do not wear bras are free of the cancer. The British research was carried out by Professor Robert Mansel, of Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales, and Simon Cawthorn, from Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.

Wikipedia also says: Consumers spend around $16 billion a year worldwide on bras.

I say:
"Who the hell cares?"

Well, maybe some do...
But they ain't sayin'.


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