Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't Think of a Title . . .

From time to time I like to remind folks that I have a personal website (not a blog) using my own domain -- http://www.genechambers.com/ -- It contains a brief bio of myself, some of my unpublished (possibly unpublishable) writing, and odds and ends from my sorely disordered mind.


I have a list of my favorite websites, most of which I visit almost every day. In case you are curious as to what kind of material I like to read and would like to take a look at this list, below is a link to it.


This is Peter Abresch


Martin S. Pribble has an interesting piece regarding atheists and violence, including a fascinating Youtube video about Bigotry in America today that might just open the eyes of some of you readers who had not considered the subject before.

I thoroughly enjoyed the article and the video... but you might not. Or then again, you just might.

Once again, the link is:



Art Spiegelman was the first graphics novel writer to receive the Pulitzer Prize. His book Maus: A Survivor's Tale, earned Spiegelman fame.

Spiegelman completed the tale in 1991 with Maus II: From Mauschwitz to the Catskills. Art Spiegelman received the Pulitzer Prize in 1992.


One of my hobbies is proof reading authors' manuscripts and online stories and blogs. But it's a hobby only, and not a vocation. See my information sheet at http://www.genechambers.com/edit.htm for more about this FREE service I offer to writers and authors.

What do you think? Do you have a piece of writing you'd like for me to examine? Let me know.


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