Monday, February 21, 2011

Do Common People Despise Government?

Today is Presidents Day in the United States. What is the significance of that? It's a Federal Holiday. Which means what? you might ask. Well, the banks are closed, government offices are closed (including postal mail delivery) and in most areas garbage collection is delayed one day -- stuff like that.

What benefit does this Presidents Day holiday offer to the general public? Any at all?

That's a pretty good question.


The Manifesto of the Communist Party.pdf
is a document I have never read during the 71 years of my life (until now) and I am truly amazed at some of the new thoughts that enter my mind as I am reading it. I'll have more about this at a later date.


I am still researching methods of self-publishing. The method seems a bit complicated to me, unless of course you turn the raw data completely over to them and pay them thousands of dollars to do it for you. There is another way to publish a book and I am looking into it now; it's called Feedbooks and may be what I've been searching for... or not.


Some time has passed since I wrote the above, and now I have read more about self-publishing with Feedbooks...

I don't think so.


Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.
-Thomas Jefferson

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