Friday, February 18, 2011

Things To Do . . .

For the last couple of days I have been busily gathering what I like to consider to be the best of my unpublished poems, fiction stories, and flash fiction efforts. After polishing each one, I convert the MS Word document into an Adobe .pdf file and then print it out.

After I am finished with this selection of manuscripts I intend to add some factual autobiographical introductions (tales from the earlier years, 1940s onward) to introduce each one of them, then combine all into a single volume and self-publish it as an ebook. If all goes well, I might also attempt a print edition. But I have not solidified the plan yet. Perhaps has a method I can use.

Time will tell.

Well, what the heck... it's better than no book at all, isn't it? My great great grand-kids on down the line might get a kick out reading it.


Yesterday evening while walking Eva, Mike and I saw the moon rising above the mountains at a little after six o'clock, just a few minutes before sunset. I managed to get a shot of it.

Moon Rising Over The Mountains
Tucson, Arizona - February 17, 2011

Then a few minutes later . . .
(Click images for larger view)


Yes, I realize that today's entry is a short one, but I have many pressing jobs of work to do.


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