Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday For JoAnn

We celebrated JoAnn's birthday yesterday by having dinner at the Acacia in Tucson, a somewhat-gourmet restaurant and the food was delicious. I had the smoked breast of petaluma duckling, huckleberry sweet-soy glaze, purple potato won-ton tower and garden vegetables. And then the Strawberry-Lime Crumble for dessert... mmmmm-gooood!

In about 10 days I will also be having one of those birthdays, too. On the 19th I will become 71 years old. Never thought I'd see that day.

Then four days later Mike will have one, too. Lots of birthdays in May in our family.

I looked at some small apartments located on Tucson's East Side that were only about seven miles from here and found two that were adequate to my needs. Both were reasonably priced as to rent, within walking distance of grocery and necessities stores, and on the city bus route. Mike and JoAnn insisted though, that they would like for me to stay here with them instead of moving into my own place, and I can tell that they are sincere in this. So I probably will not be moving into a place of my own for awhile yet.

Time will tell...

While reading the Spilled Beans blog of Anthony V. Toscano I was struck by the similarity of his pictured computer and so I took a quick snapshot of my own temporary setup.

A bit of Deja vu there.

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