Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple And Direct Reportage

Yesterday I extended the length of my walk to a little more than three miles, from home to the Circle K convenience store on Tanque Verde and back. Along the way I noticed a large patch of flowering shrubbery and snapped a quick photo of it.

To get a better appreciation of the vivid colors I followed up with a zoomed close-up of the flowers.

Also along the way an old Plymouth was being restored and it brought back memories of earlier days.

At the end of Conestoga Avenue and just before my turn onto Tanque Verde I snapped this Entrance Sign:

At the Circle K I bought five Power Ball lotto tickets, a bottle of Cherry Crush (99 cents), and a fascinating new discovery... a small package off Bugles, but not the old-fashioned merely salty and crunchy snack food; it's an innovative product called "Caramel Bugles" -- I'll report on them later, after I open the package and sample one.

I ran across a new word today: BIOME. Had to look it up at and found:
a complex biotic community characterized by distinctive plant and animal species and maintained under the climatic conditions of the region, esp.such a community that has developed to climax.

I wonder how long I will remember the definition.

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  1. Gene,

    As I've said before, your photographs these days are vivid and striking. Could you tell us what type of camera you're using? As well -- and perhaps because your photos prompt curiosity -- what can you tell us about the history of the area where you're living? Of course, I could commit research, but I'm more interested in your reflections on the subject than in an objective account of recorded "facts."