Monday, May 3, 2010

I have not been blogging much lately, and not posting to my journal, at, nor doing much writing of any kind. At this time of my wearisome life and in my present 'on hold' situation, I find that nothing of interest occurs to me when I sit down with my fingers poised over the keyboard.

It's almost a maxim, though, that if a writer cannot think of anything to write, he (or SHE, dammit) can always write down existing thoughts on why the writer is being kept from writing.

That being a possibility, my thoughts at this instant ask "Why does it matter if I have anything to write about?" And the answer flashes back: "Because not writing creates a vague sense of unease, a vacuum of sorts, a perception of careless neglect, an indefinable restlessness and a pressing need to DO something. To write something.

But writing about not being able to write is not a solution to the problem. It is merely a sort of stopgap, a literary equivalent of the illiterate term "" and the annoying " know..." so favored by the revered celebrity sports figures.

Writer's block... "Phooey!"

I am going to start right now, within the next minute or two, to write about current events, personal happenings, no matter if they seem to be interesting or not. And that will be the content of tomorrow's blogging.

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