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Feelin' Kind'a Poorly This Mornin'



A NASA Spinoff page
provides information on how new discoveries from Space technology is being used to provide innovation in everyday life. Citizens can download this information as .pdf files by visiting the above link.

While NASA does not manufacture, market, or sell commercial products, many commercial products are derived from NASA technology. Many NASA-originated technologies are adapted by private industry for use by consumers like you. Spinoff developments highlighted in this publication are based on information provided by individual and private industry users of NASA-originated aerospace technology who acknowledge that such technology contributed wholly or in part to development of the product or process described. NASA cannot accept responsibility or liability for the misinterpretation or misrepresentation of the enclosed information provided by these third-party users. Publication herein does not constitute NASA endorsement of the product or process, nor confirmation of manufacturers’ performance claims related to any particular spinoff development.

Again, the link is:


I received an email message yesterday that informed me:

Here is a list of all the developed nations of the world that offer birthright citizenship to the babies of tourists and illegal aliens:

1. United States of America
. . .
. . .

That's right, every other modern developed nation in the world has gotten rid of birthright citizenship policies.

Some modern countries that recently ended their birthright citizenship policy:

* Canada was the last non-U.S. holdout. Illegal aliens stopped getting citizenship for their babies in 2009
* Australia's birthright citizenship requirements are much more stringent than those of H.R. 1868 and took effect in 2007
* New Zealand repealed in 2006
* Ireland repealed in 2005
* France repealed in 1993
* India repealed in 1987
* United Kingdom repealed in 1983
* Portugal repealed in 1981

(end of message)

Well. This birthright citizenship thing is another of those questions of which I am undecided.


Umwelt means 'environment' or 'surrounding world.' In other words, it means 'those aspects of the environment to which animals respond.'

In a scientific article about the tick, I read the following:

"…this eyeless animal finds the way to her watchpoint (at the top of a tall blade of grass) with the help of only its skin's general sensitivity to light. The approach of her prey becomes apparent to this blind and deaf bandit only through her sense of smell. The odor of butyric acid, which emanates from the sebaceous follicles of all mammals, works on the tick as a signal that causes her to abandon her post (on top of the blade of grass/bush) and fall blindly downward toward her prey. If she is fortunate enough to fall on something warm (which she perceives by means of an organ sensible to a precise temperature) then she has attained her prey, the warm-blooded animal, and thereafter needs only the help of her sense of touch to find the least hairy spot possible and embed herself up to her head in the cutaneous tissue of her prey. She can now slowly suck up a stream of warm blood.”

And yet we humans complain about how hard life is for us here on this Earth.

'Umwelt' indeed.


There are seven foods that should never touch your lips. And, no, that does not mean that you can eat them as long as you keep your lips away from them. Those foods are:

1. Canned Tomatoes
2. Corn-Fed Beef
3. Microwave Popcorn
4. Non organic Potatoes
5. Farmed Salmon
6. Milk Produced with Artificial Hormones
7. Conventional Apples

The story about those 7 foods (plus a ton of other info) can be seen...
Here at Prevention



Houston businessman Farid Seif says it was a startling discovery. He didn't intend to bring a loaded gun on a flight out of Houston and can't understand how TSA screeners didn't catch it. Nearing the height of last year's Christmas travel season, TSA screeners at Bush Intercontinental Airport somehow missed a loaded pistol, one that was tucked away inside a carry-on computer bag. "I mean, this is not a small gun," Seif said. "It's a .40 caliber gun."


Linus tells Charley Brown what Christmas is all about


"All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath."
--F. Scott Fitzgerald

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