Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Show Me Your Papers



I went to the Motor Vehicle department in Tucson to get my official Arizona resident non-driver Identification Card. As per published instructions, I presented to the clerk my current Florida State non-driver Identification Card, my Social Security Card, and my Birth Certificate.

The very first thing the Clerk told me was, "This is not a valid Birth Certificate."

Well, since it had been issued to me by the County Hospital on May 19, 1939, complete with a set of baby footprints, and since I had used it throughout my life to:

1. attend public school
2. enlist in the U.S. Air Force
3. acquire a FL non-driver ID
4. obtain Social Security retirement benefits

(among many other things) --
Well, I think this Birth Certificate 'is' valid.

But "nooooo..." A hospital issued certificate is no longer valid. The state of Arizona requires a 'certified by the State' record of birth. A Birth Certificate from a County Hospital is not good enough for Arizona. What I must do, is contact the Indiana Vital Records department and purchase from them a stamped 'copy' of the original County Hospital Certificate, 'that I already have.'

I must either send a check for ten dollars to the Indiana Vital Records division along with acceptable 'proof of identity' (Good Lord!) and then wait for three to four weeks for processing -- or I can get in touch with a private company that has been contracted by the State to provide 'expedited' handling of birth certificates, for an additional fee, of course, and this company accepts all major credit cards.

Additionally, my current Florida Identification card cannot be used as a 'primary' piece of identification in Arizona, because Florida is not as strict in their demands when issuing ID cards. After all, the state of Florida (for shame, for shame) recognizes as valid a hospital issued Birth Certificate.

All this has come about in the name of Homeland Security -- and that makes it all just 'hunky dory'.

Someone once said, "... a nation's people get the government they deserve." -- or something like that.

But, that's enough ranting and moaning, and crying over spilt milk...
'for now.'


"If you want to make enemies, try to change something."
--Woodrow Wilson

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