Monday, January 9, 2012

I Am A Writer Who Writes

Again I have been taken to task for writing of trivial things and told that I should make each blog entry a reflection of my thoughts on one single subject. That I should not flit from this item to that. And that I should edit every entry more closely and polish it until it gleams before posting it. As I (usually) do with my fiction stories.


That's too much like work, and in truth, I write the blog mainly for the fun of it. I write it for me, and not for its readers or potential readers. If no one at all, or if even a few people read it, then that's all just gravy. I write it the way I do because I take pleasure in writing it the way I do, just as I repeatedly watch reruns of old TV shows... because I like doing it. Because it pleases me.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Bob Denver was born on this date in 1935

Bob Denver

January 9, 1035 - September 2, 2005


Black Elk Speaks is a 1932 book by John G. Neihardt, an American poet and writer, who relates the story and spirituality of Black Elk, an Oglala Sioux medicine man or shaman. It was based on conversations by Black Elk with the author and translated from Lakota into English by Black Elk's son, Ben Black Elk, who was present during the talks.

Neihardt transformed his notes to convey Black Elk's spiritual message in a powerful, lyrical English.

In case Native American lore interests you, below is a link to a free .pdf copy of the book.

More about the subject at wikipedia


Mostly just for fun.

After you have read the below pictured newspaper blurb . . .

. . . see if you can answer the following question:

What is the injury from which Baron Davis is recovering?

Do you suppose that this was a typo
and should have been 'disc' or 'disk?'


Newt Gingrich (reportedly) said, “I pray before virtually every speech and virtually every major decision,”

Nearly; almost entirely.

Newton Leroy (McPherson) Gingrich

Gingrich was raised a Lutheran. In graduate school he was a Southern Baptist, and later he converted to Catholicism, Oh Goodness Gracious Me! Could Newt perhaps qualify as an example of a religion flip-flopper?

When I started writing the above it was because I was curious as to what Newt Gingrich meant (within his own mind) by using the word 'virtual' instead of a more 'prosaic' adverb such as 'nearly.'

Matter-of-fact; straightforward; lacking in imagination and spirit; dull.

Perhaps Newt didn't want to be thought of as lacking in imagination and spirit, or of being dull. Or as being a big fat 'liar' if he had said he prays before 'every' speech and 'every' major decision.

Why in the world am I wasting time speculating about the mind of a politician?

Good question.

I'll stop.


"For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen."
--Stephen Hawking

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