Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Is Jerry Coyne?

Jerry Coyne, Ph.D.
Department of Ecology and Evolution
Biological Sciences Collegiate Division

I suppose that Jerry Coyne, author of the website Why Evolution Is True is so well-known as being an atheist that his skill as an accomplished writer often (and sadly) goes unheralded. And that's a shame.

The most effective and most convincing way I know to prove a point (that Jerry is a fine writer) is to provide an example.

Have you ever heard of a Coultergeist?
A Bleached Flamingo?

So . . . What is a Coultergeist?

Also . . . If you have an hour in which to enhance your understanding of Evolution you might visit the following link and view a YouTube video presenting Jerry Coyne's lecture explaining...


"...being right about one big matter does not render us immune to error in other matters..."
--Jerry Coyne

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