Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Hot Sunshiny Day In Tucson

Yesterday, since I did not start until the sun was high in the sky, I limited my walk to two miles. It was just a bit too toasty out there for my usual 3.4 miles.

From home, I walked all the way to the end of Calle Del Valle, then cut onto Coronado and then right onto Soldier Trail up to Fort Lowell Road where I took the adjacent desert path back to Calle Del Valle.

Here are some of the photos I took along the way.

A Nicely Landscaped Lawn on Calle Del Valle

Closeup photograph of the lawn's yellow and red flowers

A fire hydrant... lone sentinel against possible disaster

Stalwart Signals of Freedom, Liberty, and Independence

The view of my trek along Soldier Trail

The Junction of Soldier Trail and Fort Lowell Road

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon I went in the pool for a swim. Actually, I did not swim as much as merely lounge in the cool water, floating around most of the time. It was quite refreshing, as was the chlorine-eliminating shower afterward.

Mesquite trees are known to create a mess on the surface of Arizona's swimming pools at this season of the year.

One of three large Mesquite trees in vicinity of the pool

Those mess-making seeds are better seen in this closeup

These seeds in clusters (blown by the wind) do contaminate some phases of human enjoyment -- while they go about their business, which is the basic continuation of (Beauty? Truth?) aesthetic botanical life.

Ah well . . .

Went out with the family for dinner at zona78, a crowded, noisy and popular Italian Restaurant. The Chicken Parmesano was really good.


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  2. So here I am, admiring flowers, mesquite trees and lonely fire hydrants; and then you have to jolt me from my reverie by mentioning good Italian food.

    Now I *am* jealous. I can't quite decide between the Rigatoni Bolognese and the Linguini alla Vongole, so please order me one-half plate of each.


  3. I removed my first comment because of indecision regarding dessert.