Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Day Today... So Far

Since Mike and Tim flew to Ashely's H.S. graduation open-house in Indiana for the weekend, and since JoAnn is at her mom's home in Maine for a few days, and since Michelle has gone to Phoenix, I am the volunteer dog-sitter for three days. Along with Eva (who lives here of course) I also have Bailey, the rescued Greyhound my grandson and his wife are fostering until an owner can be found.

Eva is not trouble at all.

. . .

But Bailey (in my admittedly inexpert
opinion)is another story altogether.

I suspect that Bailey is not the most gifted example of the top spot of doggie intelligence. He is a gentle, unassuming canine... but he does not respond to voice and hand signal commands as does Eva, who recognizes and obeys, "SIT" and "STAY" and "COME". Bailey does not. He must be 'led' by his collar when I want him to do something, such as to eat, or to drink, or to go outside.

Oh well . . .

Today I repeated my 1.7 mile walk up Conestoga Avenue to the Circle-K convenience store on Tanque Verdee and then back again, a total of 3.4 miles.

Just as I started out, I met two people on
horseback and snapped a shot of them. . .

Farther along the way I encountered a yard sale and stopped in to browse. I bought three 10-cent paperback books, Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut, Danse Macabre by Stephen King, and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlein.

At Circle-K I bought a small bag of pretzels and a...

pineapple-flavored soda.

. . .

When I got back home and let Eva and Bailey out of their respective latched 'crates' (security dens) one of them leaped into the air and cavorted about and wanted to play while the other one lay down on a dog-cushion on the floor and went to sleep. It's no chore to guess which did which of those things... Eva was being puppy-eager and Bailey was being -- well, Baily was being a Greyhound -- conserving energy.

. . .

Donna called me on the phone today from Pennsylvania and we talked for quite a little while. She sometimes has four dogs to care for...

" Oh...MY...God!"

More another day...

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  1. Dear Gene,

    Your camera and your comments have me falling in love with Tucson (as well as realizing that I need to get off my behind and walk longer and stronger).

    I much enjoy checking in with your blog each day. Thanks.