Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where Do The Weeks Go?

First, just for my own amusement, please allow me to present a picture of this morning's breakfast.

Nutritious And Delicious

I read in a learned paper that delusional psychiatric patients who believe themselves to be God, or Jesus, or some other Divine Being cannot be simply "talked out of" their delusions. Their certainties are considered to be pathological beliefs, reflecting a warped or broken understanding that is not, by definition, amenable to being reshaped by reality.

Does this then also include, I wonder, the great number of obviously delusional religious fanatics of the world?

Speaking of 'delusional' -- it occurred to me that talking to dogs can be rewarding if not overly-revealing... especially regarding the effective description of a character in your novel. Eva is an excellent audience for my explanations. She is a quiet and seemingly-contemplative listener. And she rarely offers an opinion.

Yes, I am still working on that book...been at it for around fifty years. So? It's not being stubborn; it's called persistence. I will fail only when I quit trying. Or so I've been told.

Today's purchases at Circle K were two small packages of Planter's peanuts (2 for $1) -- four bananas (20 cents each) -- two bottles of Yoohoo ($1.00 apiece) -- and five Powerball tickets ($1 each) and then I carried them (walking, of course) back home.

Last night Mike pointed out a well-camouflaged horned-lizard on the rocky path outside the swimming pool fence, and I managed to get a picture of it.

It sure blends into the background, doesn't it?

Nature is a curious phenomenon. It always fascinates me. Makes me think. Makes me realize how insignificant I am. And I wonder if others feel the same way.

And this is a picture of today's lunch.

A gourmet I am not.

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