Friday, June 11, 2010

No Title Comes To Mind

I am sitting here this morning in a whimsical mood, sipping my first cup of steaming green tea and wondering what I should write about.

Now, let me see...

Identify this babe...
A Lovely Lady... right?

Enough whimsy . . .

An emailed question provoked me to consider the relative values of a human life in a situational sense. The question was: "Which is more important? Living through a catastrophe, or the possible psychological trauma along the way?"

And my emailed answer was:

At first thought, it seems to me that living through the event is the primary goal, for a dead person has no possibility of experiencing and overcoming a potential future psychological trauma.

But, then again, after much musing over the question, I remembered that there are those among us who in anguish sometimes wail, "Oh, I wish I had never been born!" And oftentimes they mean this lamentation sincerely.

So perhaps a quick death could sometimes be preferable to a long life filled with unremitting mental and emotional suffering.

Yes, that was my answer to the question. And now, a full day later, I still feel the same way about it.

No, that's too serious for so early in the morning..

So, again... on to something completely different.

In several previous blog entries I have mentioned the Circle K convenience store on Tanque Verde Road just west of Conestoga Avenue to which I sometimes walk. On the way, I usually take some pictures, and I find that I have three of these photos that I have not had occasion to post here on Jots and Tittles. So, here they are:

Power lines feeding the East Tucson area

Now that is a really BIG steel power line pole

On Conestoga Avenue, alongside an ancient hacienda there is a fence with a curious set of old (Conestoga?) wagon wheels adorning it.

Rustic, I believe, is the word to best describe it.

And here is another shot of some flower bushes that conceal that hacienda from the road. This is a case wherein the reality is much more contemplative than the picture.

A neighborly fellow on down the road was out trimming his roadside tree when I walked by and I asked him what they call those cute little creatures that look like chipmunks. He told me that they are Arizona Ground Squirrels and that they are the most troublesome and destructive critters that ever existed on God's Green Earth. He said that the pesky vermin dig holes all over the lawn and they eat every kind of plant that grows.

Here is a stock photo of a ground squirrel

Well . . . my tea cup is now empty, and real life is calling.

Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Gene,

    When I was a young boy who thought he was a man, I oftentimes traveled to the Conestoga Valley, near Lancaster, PA (home of the first Conestoga wagons). Mennonite country. Horses and buggies driven by bearded men dressed in black, alongside old-fashioned automobiles. Two-lane highway, Route 30. Barns, inside of which some of the local citizens sold their crafted jewelry. Lots of turquoise and silver. Many times a pretty girl by my side, one who wanted to marry me, although I was too stupid and naive to realize her intentions, and too immature for marrying (must have been my looks that drove her crazy).

    See what thoughts and memories just one of your blog's entries can inspire?

    By the way, good friend, what's "real life" anyway? You mean to tell me that Arizona ground squirrels and roadrunners are real?