Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just A Thought Or Two

I have been mildly scolded for not having written much lately. Sadly, that is true. But I have been reading a lot...

Some of the stuff I've been reading is, according to The Financial Post, Junk Science, and it occurs when science is politicized and facts and risks are exaggerated, distorted and misrepresented.

Peter Foster has written a Financial Post article regarding why scientists would allow themselves to be recruited to essentially political objectives.

Read more here...

Even more Junk Science can be found at...
"All the junk that's fit to debunk"

Not only have I been reading a lot, I have also been thinking a lot lately.

Putting one's deep and seemingly profound thoughts into meaningful and publishable words is not an easy thing to do; it's not easy for me, anyway.

Personal thoughts are narrow windows into an infinite wilderness

Perhaps I try too hard to be clear and direct, to be easily understood by all readers, and to present my conclusions to others as the glaringly and openly apparent truths that they seem to be, to me.

In the near future, I intend to publish some of those thoughts.

Yes... "try" --

Yes... in the near future.


1 comment:

  1. Clear and direct is a matter of style, not substance. "Easily understood by all readers," you write. "Impossible," I say.

    I cannot agree that "personal thoughts are narrow windows . . .," because while one writer opens a window, one reader opens an entirely different window (if any window whatsoever).

    Publishable? The word becomes more meaningless every day.

    I've been reading Mary Karr's Lit. Karr is a phony witch of a memoirist, but she tries her best to be unafraid, and for her effort I give her credit. She is, however, about as clear and direct as her lies allow her to be.

    Of course, being a member of the Harvard community allowed her both a $35,000 grant and an opportunity to be one of the last literary writers to publish on paper.