Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Another Short Note . . .

Yesterday, Father's Day 2010 CE, was a day of slothfully slouching in front of the TV and watching the Dr. House marathon. Eva slept through most of the episodes. I did not. It's a tossup as to which of us gained the most from our separate (non)activities.

Breakfast was green tea and a bowl of Kashi crunchy cereal with a banana sliced atop it and moistened with a cup of 1 percent milk.

For lunch I mixed and microwaved a small bowl of leftover home-made Stroganoff with a pasta/vegetable frozen dinner. Perhaps that appeals to none of the readers, but it was delicious.

Then later in the day, around four p.m. I had a snack consisting of Waverly Soda Crackers and wedges of mild cheddar cheese, washed down with a can of Hanson's caffeine-free diet creamy root bear.

Then an apple at 6.

Nothing more that day. No dinner.

Did you know that sand can sing? Sand... the stuff that covers the deserts of the Earth. Oh yes... There is a Singing Sand Website that explains all about Singing Sand and even has a video with the sound of the singing sand.

There is another website that provides an explanation, pictures, and other audio-videos of Singing Sand. In case you are interested.

Today (according to the TV news) is the first day of summer. The Tucson weather forecast calls for 101 degrees F. today, 102 tomorrow, and 107 degrees Wednesday.

It's a dry heat though.


. . .

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