Saturday, March 19, 2011

Delicious Meals And Distracting Books


I tried some of those packaged prepared dinners from Hormel and Marie Calander, not the frozen kind but the ones that had been dried or somehow preserved and need no refrigeration. It surprised me when I found out that they tasted almost as good to me as home cooked dinners made from scratch.

Almost . . .

Free, online, is Letters From The Earth by Mark Twain. Of course I had read the letters years ago, but it was good to re-read them.

Everyman, a book written by Philip Roth is a book of only 200 pages about an old man of 71 (my age at the moment) and when I read what was presented in the "Look Inside" section of I was impressed. I hate paying full retail price for books, even though I know that doing so helps sustain the author, but I believe I'll grit my teeth and pay full price this time.

Well . . . I'm going to cut this short today and go outside for a long walk in this beautiful Arizona sunshine.


"Old age isn't a battle, old age is a massacre."
--Philip Roth

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