Monday, March 14, 2011

The Einstein Principle: Accomplish More By Doing Less


In The Writer's Almanac I read that today (March 14) is the birthday of Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize winner who is remembered as having been a mathematical genius.

Albert Einstein March 14, 1879 -- April 18, 1955

According to the aforementioned article in The Writer's Almanac:

After the conclusion of his tour of the United States, in an interview with a Dutch newspaper, Albert Einstein said: "The vast enthusiasm for me in America appears to be typically American though and as far as I can judge I rather understand it: the people are so uncommonly bored, yes honestly much more so than is the case with us. And there is so little for them there anyhow. [...] So folks are happy when they are given something to play with and which they can revere, and that they then do with exceptional intensity.

Most of all it is the women, by the way, who dominate all of American life. The men are interested in nothing at all; they work, work as I haven't seen anyone anywhere else. For the rest, they are toy dogs for their wives, who spend the money in the most excessive fashion and who shroud themselves in a veil of extravagance. They will do anything that's in vogue and in fashion, and, as it happens, have thrown themselves among the throngs of the 'Einstein-craze,'

Does it make an outlandish impression upon me, the crowd's excitement here and there about my beliefs and theories, about which it doesn't understand anything? I find it amusing and also interesting to watch them. I certainly believe it is the magic of non-comprehension that attracts them."

A bit of an eye-opener... eh?

Today, instead of spending time entering inanities into this blog as I usually do, I intend to buckle down and work on my ongoing project of self-publishing... after all, this would be considered as adhering to The Einstein Principle... "Accomplish more by doing less."


Achievements worth achieving require hard work. There is no shortcut here.
--Albert Einstein

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