Saturday, March 26, 2011

Travelogues By Way Of Blogs...



First things first:

I have previously written about my old hometown of Rensselaer up in Norethwest Indiana and about the fine blog I read every day... about that always interesting and oftentimes elegant blog named Rensselaer Adventures.

But today when I clicked on over there I discovered a treasure chest of fabulous photos from the blog owner's trip to New Orleans. If you would like a real treat, here is the link...

(Hint: Don't Miss This One)


Second things second:


HAMPTON, Va. -- An award-winning NASA-produced television program, "NASA 360," is available at the online video service

The site features four 30-minute episodes that show how composite materials are changing our world, how NASA has tested space technologies on Earth and what NASA researchers are doing to improve aviation. More programs will be added in the coming weeks.

"It's awesome that millions of monthly Hulu users have the chance to watch NASA 360 and learn how NASA technology contributes to our daily lives," said the show's co-producer, Mike Bibbo. "We're proud of the programs' exciting topics and visual content, so we know viewers won't be disappointed."

A team at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., co-produces the program with the National Institute of Aerospace, also in Hampton. In addition to Hulu, the program airs on NASA Television, select airlines and 450 public broadcasting, cable and commercial stations across the country. More than five million people have watched the show at:

NASA 360 also is available on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Viewers also can subscribe to the video podcast through iTunes. A Langley team also is developing an application for mobile phones. Actor Johnny Alonso and local TV and radio personality Jennifer Pulley host the show. For more information about NASA TV programs and schedules, visit:

For information about NASA Langley, visit:

For information about the National Institute of Aerospace, visit:


And last things last . . .

Today is my last day out here in the desert. I've lived here with my son and his wife for a solid year now, but today I am moving into Tucson proper, into my own little apartment in the city. Where I intend to really dig in and finish writing my book(s).

And that's my news for today.


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