Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Title Again... (so sue me)



Just to follow up, the picture I posted yesterday was of the Calvary Chapel Christian School located on Tucson's East side.

Using Twitter is an effective way to help a writer trim a thought to a more concise expression, but I don't know if such editing enhances clarity... or not. For example: in my notes was the following sentence -- "What is predominantly considered to be intelligence is sometimes merely the utilization of an excellent memory... no more than a regurgitation and a subsequent integration of supposed facts and not at all truly original thought."

I edited that thought to fit within Twitter's maximum word count... cut it down to: "What is considered intelligence is often merely usage of an excellent memory, a regurgitation of known facts and not truly original thought."

Now I am wondering which version is best. I seem to be in a decisional quandary. (Did I just coin a new word... decisional?)


Do you have any Blockbuster Video gift cards lying around the house? Better find them and use them up soon, assuming that you can find a Blockbuster outlet. Multiple sources inside the company have revealed that those gift cards won't be accepted after April 6, 2011 due to the company's bankruptcy.


Environmentalism is now (according to The Radical Christian Right) -- The Green Dragon



What are those Brits up to now?


In the beginning, a bunch of scientists created a huge machine capable of complex calculations and called it UNIVAC. Eager to test their invention, the makers asked it, "Is there a God?" There was a pause... Finally, the machine answered, "THERE IS NOW."

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