Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Perpetual Pastiche That Defines My Life


The Monthly Report that popped up yesterday from my Norton Virus Scan software proclaimed:

Virus and Spyware -- 122 threats removed
Intrusions -- 16 blocked
Phishing -- 31 sites blocked
Authentications -- 1,252 sites authenticated
Cleanup --
27,776 files removed;
151 registry keys removed

(but I do believe it)

Surveying Its World From A Treetop

Tucson, AZ -- March 2011

My New Word For Today:

corniche -- A coastal road, especially one cut into the side of a cliff.

La Corniche near Monaco


To my great pleasure, I have discovered the writing of Jean Genet...

In my time, the Ramblas were frequented by two young mariconas who carried a tame little monkey on their shoulders. It was an easy pretext for approaching clients: the monkey would jump up on the man they pointed out to it. One of the mariconas was called Pedro. He was pale and thin. His waist was very supple, his step quick. His eyes in particular were splendid, his lashes immense. In fun, I asked him which was the monkey, he or the animal he carried on his shoulder. We started quarreling. I punched him. His eyelashes remained stuck to my knuckles; they were fake. I had just discovered the existence of fakes.

--Jean Genet
The Thief's Journal

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The Electroasylum is an interesting site...
at least, I think it is interesting.

('nuff said about that)

A picture is worth . . .

a: potpourri
b : hodgepodge


I liked, as I like still, to make words look self-conscious and foolish, to bind them by the mock marriage of a pun, to turn them inside out, to come upon them unawares. What is this jest in majesty? This ass in passion? How do God and Devil combine to form a live dog?
--Vladimir Nabokov

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