Friday, April 8, 2011

Eva And I Are Still Just Fellow Pack Members



Just wound up a three day adventure in dog-sitting at the house out in the desert. I was informed that my new neighbors at Toscana Cove had noticed my unannounced absence and called the police to report it... they were worried about me. Police called my son who explained to them that I had been caring for his house and dog while he and his wife were away on business for three days.

So it goes . . .

Eva at rest . . .


I arrived back home in the apartment yesterday evening and was strangely body-tired. Seemingly exhausted. First, I checked out my computer and found it to be just as I'd left it. Then had a big glass of Diet Pepsi and read from Gore Vidal's Lincoln for a short time... then went to bed at some time between seven thirty and eight o'clock.

Slept till seven thirty this morning, with only three short wake ups through the night for bathroom visits.

Wow! What a long, restful sleep.

Feel fine today, though.

I am getting ready for my daily fitness walk at this moment.

Nothing more to write about right now . . .


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