Saturday, April 30, 2011

Titles Are Such Slippery Subjects



A couple days ago while watching the TV news I saw an announcement for an upcoming celebration in Tucson, and one of the events was to be Wind Tasting.

The news person was quick to point out with a chuckle that this was a misprint and should have been Wine Tasting -- and then I immediately thought, Hey, that would make a great title for a novel. And when I pursued that thought, I decided that, in this novel one of the main characters was known as Wind Taster and he was called this because he (or possibly she) possessed an extra sensory ability to recognize innovations, or trends, or in other words, the character was somehow mysteriously attuned to changes in the wind.

This ideas seemed to be loaded with possibilities so I told myself, "Well, get busy and write the story."

But I haven't started it . . . yet.


Book Titles

I recently stumbled upon a web page listing some politically corrected book titles. Here they are:

In light of the new edition of Huckleberry Finn with the "N" word replaced by the word "slave", one of my humor magazines asked its readers to give another classic book a politically correct title. Here are some of the winners:

First Prize: The Still-Productive Senior And The Sea

Second Prize: Crime and Time Out

Third Prize:
The Traumatic Result of Unresolved Labor Management Disputes On The Bounty

Some of the Honorable Mentions:
1. Romeo And Romeo
2. The Taming Of The High Maintenance Woman
3. The Flat Back-Challenged Bell Ringer Of Notre Dame
4. The Cranially Absent Horseman
5. Lady Chatterley's Friend With Benefits
6. Ms. Bovary
7. The Heart Is a Lonely Animal Assassin
8. The Friend You Haven't Met
9. Are You There, Higher Power? It's Me, Margaret
10. The Letter Carrier Always Rings Twice
11. Conflict And Peace
12. To Put To Sleep A Mockingbird
13. The Call Of The Natural Habitat
14. Crime And Corrective Detention
15. The Grapes of Anger Management

And my personal favorite: Moby Penis

Ha! The above list struck my funny-bone and I did a copy and paste. As always, if the originator of the list ever asks me to remove it from this blog I will do so immediately.


At this present time, I seem to be hopelessly addicted to book titles. Don't know why...


My Golden Wedding
by Annie Versary

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