Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fifty Years In Space - $5 A Gallon Gas?



The International Space Station partner agencies will commemorate the golden anniversary of human spaceflight and 30 years of space shuttle flights today, Tuesday, April 12. The world salutes 50 years of human spaceflight and the anniversary of the first launch of a human to space. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin completed that historic milestone on April 12, 1961.

Yuri Gagarin
First Man In Space

During today's commemoration ceremony, which will feature an astronaut from the first shuttle mission, NASA administrator Charles Bolden will name the four institutions that will receive a shuttle orbiter for permanent display.


Rush Limbaugh yesterday was railing about gasoline prices rising to five dollars per gallon by Memorial Day 2011.


I thank my lucky stars that I decided I am no longer capable of driving safely and therefore am no longer owned by a petroleum fueled vehicle.

Speaking of walking -- walking is what I do instead of driving or riding, and yesterday I somewhat outdid myself. When I left the apartment I walked the couple hundred feet to the corner of Speedway and Camino Seco then crossed Speedway and began the mile walk South on Camino Seco, where I turned West onto Broadway and walked another mile to the next main intersection where I turned North onto Pantano and walked the mile to the intersection where I then turned East onto Speedway and walked the mile back to the apartment. That was a healthy and refreshing walk of four miles.

Nearing the halfway point . . .
Walking West on Broadway -- approaching Pantano

Along the way I saw some interesting places where I will eventually visit... such as a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant, an IHOP, Jethro's Cafe, and a Kohl's Department Store (for which I received in the mail a promotional $10 Gift Card) -- and I noted down some other places, too.

Walking North on Pantano toward Speedway
Toward the Santa Catalina Mountains
(And the weather was absolutely beautiful)

Yes, walking is a wonderful way to travel


"You don't choose to become something like a poet. You write and you write, and the years go by, and you are a poet."
--Mark Strand

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