Friday, April 1, 2011

Rick Nelson, Lonesome Town, on AM 1400 Tucson



I seem to have gained a follower... YD2TFB -- but I do not understand his language (not English) and when I try to access his Ham Radio web site something wreaks weird havoc with my browser, and occasionally knocking me from my Wi-Fi connection. So I will just ignore him and hope that he'll get tired of my inane and inconsequential maunderings and quietly go away.

Just before my morning walk I decided to snap a couple shots of the amenities here at Toscana Cove Apartment Homes.

Hot Tub

No, I have not yet sampled the delights of rapidly swirling waters warmly washing against my bare skin... not yet.

Nor have I dived into the swimming pool.... not yet.

Swimming Pool

Good Golly Miss Molly... I have not yet used the basketball court over on the west end; nor have I played tennis on the adjoining tennis court. What's the matter with me?

Too busy walking the avenues and boulevards and trying to write something of consequence, I suppose.

Something like that . . .

Okay . . .

It's confession time. As much as I hate to admit it, I indulged one of my many weaknesses last night and wolfed down a twelve ounce container of Chocolate/Peanut Butter Explosion Premium Ice Cream. It did not upset my stomach and digestive system as it would have done a couple years ago during the height of my intestinal discomfort period...but I have a feeling that I had better nip that in the bud immediately instead of experimenting with my apparent good luck.

Seriously . . .

For anyone interested in History, especially Indiana History, and more specifically the History of the Monon Railroad... you can't go wrong by visiting This Historical Site

All kidding aside, it's a wonderful website to browse.


This experience of not having a TV (intentionally) is liberating. I can stay on the computer as long as I wish, surf, blog, create my weird fiction... and at the same time listen to the hits of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s on the radio. Oh my! Talk about 'Hog Heaven.'

Hey! YOU can listen to it too. Just visit HERE and click on "Listen Live"

Or not . . .


And . . .

Today all life will vanish from the Earth.

("April Fool!")



  1. Gene,
    Here's your new follower's profile in English:

    YD2TFB is my nickname in world amateur radio organizations under the shelter of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) in Indonesia in wadahi in organization called organization of Amateur Radio Indonesia (ORARI)


  2. Ah ha! Thank you Anthony... I don't know how (or why) he came to 'follow' my blog but the more the merrier, as they say.