Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Cats And The Prots


Student quits choir over song praising 'Allah' is a headline recently blogged about by Hemant Mehta and is just one instance of the dogma being instilled (whether intentionally or unintentionally) in the minds of young people by the Christian church.

Why, in the twenty-first century, are children still being fed such narrow minded exclusionary ideas?

A man by the name of Bob Lesch commented in Charles Krauthammer's Washington Post column February 17, 2012: "...using a condom violates church doctrine. having sex for any reason other than procreation violates church doctrine. in other words - 99% of catholics, including priests, bishops, cardinals and yes - popes, violate church doctrine - and quite frequently. so why should ANY politician or government official pay any attention to church doctrine - ever?"

That statement is provocative in that it is so obviously true. Almost every American citizen, even though most will publicly deny it, knows that it is true.

After thinking long and hard about the above fact I decided to do some in-depth research on existing "church doctrine" so as to try to discover whether or not my negative beliefs concerning organized religion are valid or if perhaps I have slipped through the cracks and missed out on a Christian education when I was still at a teachable age.

Since I know so little (beyond hearsay) about the Holy Roman Catholic Church, it seems to me that the logical source in which to begin should be the basic primer of the Catholic Church.

As I read and study the lessons day after day I will try to report here in the blog on what I learn.

Before starting in on the Catholic Catechism, though, I did an online search concerning the differences between the Catholic and Protestant beliefs as presented by the Protestant side... at a comparison section of God On The Net to soak up the basics.

One of the God On The Net questions that stuck with me was: "Why don't Protestants and Catholics just get together, iron out their differences, and join together?"

The answer was "Each side disagrees with the other on many fundamental theological doctrines, such as the existence of purgatory and whether the Old and New Testaments are the only divinely-inspired teachings. Neither side is willing to change its position; hence, there can be no genuine reunification of Protestantism and Catholicism."

That reminds me of the many times in the past when I asked, "Why don't Republicans and Democrats get together, iron out their differences and join together? Perhaps the same answer applies: "Neither side is willing to change its position; hence, there can be no genuine unification of lumbering Elephant doctrine and stumbling Jackass doctrine.


"Sure, health care, good works, and religion are important. But reelection is divine."
--Charles Krauthammer


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