Thursday, February 16, 2012

How Does A Blogger Choose A Subject?


I have been asked why I sometimes include those pictures and links to celebrity information about those whose birthdays fall on the current date . My answer is "Why not?" It requires minimal research, provides some light distraction from the serious side of life, and it's fun. So, again... "Why not?"

Misogyny is a fancy word that means the hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. There is no law against it... yet. Not until all the thoroughly brainwashed self-styled 'Progressives' can manage to slip one through Congress and impose it on the broad backs of the ignorant masses. -- (That's us, you and me) -- I'm not sure why, but the subject has been nagging me to get busy and write a story incorporating misogyny in a seemingly new and original way.

My somewhat limited research has yet to reveal any new facts or to stimulate the creation of same... but the idea germ is there and if anything arises I will hopefully be alert enough to grab onto it.

Hope it doesn't take too long.


While recently reading a book review I noted down the following passage -- "...he calls his friend an asshole and taunts him about the size of his penis." I wrote this down in my notes folder because it seems to be a characteristic that a character in a story of mine might someday need to exhibit.

The above is just a brief glimpse into my thought processes.

Ignore it if you like.



(Geordie La Forge)

Born February 16, 1957


granddaughter of
Ernest Hemingway

born February 16, 1954
and died on Jul 1, 1996

If you are curious as to why I chose Margaux as today's Birthday Girl... well, then you certainly don't know me very well.


So . . . how do I choose what subject to write about in my daily blog? I don't. I usually just sit down at the keyboard and start to type, hoping a subject (or a random group of subjects) will choose me.

Does that appear to be a cop-out?

Too bad.


”You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”
--Albert Einstein

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