Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taking One's Self Too Seriously?


For some reason I still have not marked my choice for presidential candidate on the Republican Early Voting By Mail ballot. It sits on my shelf patiently awaiting my attention, but I simply have not been able to make a decision. And I have only about three more days to get it done.

Oh, woe is me.



Lee Marvin

February 19, 1924 - August 29, 1987


As usual, I have watched the Sunday Morning TV News shows, and am still doing so at this moment. Not paying much attention, though. Same old same old. And, as usual I am disappointed and possibly in danger of sliding into depression. I really do not feel like writing anything deep or meaningful at this time.

Depression? Perhaps it's because I have been reading in utter amazement from the Catholic Catechism. That might be the reason. Yes... could be.

Better watch my step these days.



A baby fills a hole in your heart that your didn’t know was there.

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