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How To Be An Author


How does one become an author?

To be a successful writer of published stories of any kind one must first of all write--write, write, and write--and do so continually. Persistence is vital. One must write and never stop writing. Some may disagree with that, but that's okay. Everyone has the right to be wrong.

But, you might ask, how does a writer get a start? How does one know what to write about?

Great Caesar's Ghost!

Let's see . . .

One probably starts by writing about the subjects he or she reads about. You might say that you most like to read romantic love stories. Recently I read that, "Romance literature is underground writing, almost never reviewed or discussed in the newspapers or literary rags, or at a dinner party. One is supposed to be embarrassed to have a taste for it."

Makes sense to me. So, if a soon-to-be author who loves to read both melodramatic tales of romance and also more complex cerebral literary stories, perhaps that writer might combine the two genres successfully and be the first writer to do so.

One first writes and then submits to publishers. And then one does that again. And again. And again. If, after an eternity of try, try, and try again, this does not work out for you, when all else fails, a writer with enough confidence in his or her work can always turn to self-publishing.

That will work.

While it is true that self-publishing may not earn you any money for your labor and, in fact, it will probably cost you some money, you will be a published author. Although, I have read in many recent blog entries... "Among the many unexpected gifts of the e-reader, anonymity is one of the most valuable and Romance is one of the fastest-growing categories in books."



born February 26, 1846
died January 10, 1917



February 26, 1802 - May 22, 1885.



"Men have to be taught how to love; women are born with the innate ability to love."
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