Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Oxford Comma, etc.

Jeff Weintraub asks, "Why it is vitally necessary to prevent the extinction of the final serial comma?"

I always insert the final serial comma. As do most Americans. It just makes more sense to me.

Jeff Weintraub is a social & political theorist, political sociologist, and democratic socialist who currently teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. (Also an Affiliated Professor with the University of Haifa in Israel & an opponent of academic blacklists.) And, more importantly, he is a blogspot blogger, like me.

(ha ha)

. . .

"The Dead Sea Scrolls will soon be available online!"
screams an ecstatic Glen Beck in an exciting, seemingly portentous Fox News announcement.

To the TV screen I say, "So what?" What is the specific significance of that?"

Then comes a deluge of fatuous evangelical nonsense. So I switched over to CNN. For about five minutes; then I turned off the TV and went into the game room and climbed onto the stationary bike and worked out for a while.

I'm not a complete dummy.

. . .

A woman advertised in church that she was seeking a white, female, Christian, roommate and was then notified that she was breaking the law by putting this in a print ad -- this was broadcast on Fox News, on Kelly's Law, 10/25/2010 -- here is the link in case anyone reading this is even remotely interested.

. . .

Below is an outdoor Halloween decoration I observed and snapped during one of my late Autumn daily walks in East Tucson.

Happy Halloween

. . .

On my desk beside my computer monitor sits a small bowl of snacks, raisins, mixed nuts, and dried tropical fruits. Healthy? Who knows? Darned good tasting, though.

Mixed Nuts, Raisins, & Tropical Mix Dried Fruit

. . .

The Washington Post headline announces: The tea party warns of a New Elite. They're right.


Exactly who is this New Elite? Am I one of them, by some chance? I suppose I should mosey on over there and have me a look-see.


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  1. Looks like a pretty good snack to me too. definitely a healthy one.