Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seems To Be A Slow Day

A few days ago I found that I had won three dollars by having the Powerball number (but with no others to go with it) and I used the money to buy three more tickets, thinking that it would be highly coincidental if one of those three brought me a multi-million dollar win, but, of course, it did not do so; after checking the numbers of last night's drawing I found that I had not even one number.

Oh well .

. . .

JoAnn flew off to the East coast this morning on business and will be gone for a week. Then, in a day or so Mike will fly away too, for three days, I think. So Eva and I will have to find a way to amuse ourselves in their absence.

. . .

This morning I tried out a new breakfast food, a frozen EATING RIGHT brand bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar. Just four minutes on High in the microwave oven and it was ready to eat. It tasted okay, nothing special, but according to Dr. Oz steel-cut oats are the healthiest kind available. If I remember correctly, it was 200 calories.

. . .

The weather here in Tucson is cooling down. I have changed my daily three and a half mile fitness walk from mornings to late afternoons when the temperature rises from morning lows in the fifties to the seventies or eighties. (Fahrenheit of course.)

. . .

If I think of something else to report later today I'll add it to this short entry.

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