Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's To Come In November?

This National Novel Writing Month (November) competition has been burrowing beneath the surface of my mind, like the old cartoon of a impish demon on one shoulder and a comely angel on the other, each offering counsel as to whether or not I should see this troubling endeavor through to the end. Day by day my mental quandary builds. The basic problem seems to be: do I really want to do this thing? At its core -- "It's more trouble than it's worth," whispers the demon, and, "What do you have to lose?" cozens the angel.


Yesterday I was surprised to receive a large parcel from the UPS delivery man -- it contained a beautifully bound Eccolo Writing Journal, a bright white coffee mug decorated with the logo of the NaNoWriMo competition, an Noveling pen featuring the competition's name, a package of Tully's Italian Roast coffee, and a package of Pepperidge Farms Tahiti Coconut cookies. All this was accompanied by an elegant greeting card exhibiting a print of Field Of Poppies, Tuscany, by Charlie Waite. Inside the card, in truly gorgeous penmanship, was inscribed:

After all, they're only words.
One word follows the one before.
Enjoy November 2010.

And I found that I had no words immediately available to express my deeply heartfelt appreciation for such a thoughtful gift. All I could say, aloud, at that instant, and then again, (twice more) was "That guy..."

My son said, "Someone gives you such a fine, thoughtful gift and all you can say is, "that guy?"

And I am still, a day later, nearly speechless.

What words that time might bring I cannot tell --

...or what action.

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