Friday, November 5, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Below is merely a short excerpt instead of the entire day's output. It is experimental and the result is not at all to my liking. This day's contribution will certainly be deleted from the novel in revision. Or re-written, perhaps.

# # #

The gathered together gaggle of scientists seated in the semicircle instinctively--or possibly by dint of civilized indoctrination--began to clap their hands at the director's enthusiastic introduction, even though none of them had ever heard of Genna Greene before this very instant. This applause, though, was light and scattered, and its duration was merely momentary.

Director Zenger bowed to Genna and backed away, returning to the miniature throne behind his desk.

"Distinguished guests," Genna began, "What I am about to reveal to you will be difficult for most of you to believe. But it is true. It is a genuine and easily demonstrable fact."

Genna paused, for effect and to give the somewhat restive audience sufficient time to develop an appreciable sense of anticipatory suspense at what was next to come.

After most of them had quieted, she continued. "As skillful and highly intelligent men and women of science, you will, most certainly, be knowledgeable in the principles of evolution. Thus you will understand that Homo sapiens, even today's modern man, cannot be an end in itself. This would be a dead end, as it were. Mankind, like all other biological life, is continuously experiencing this process of change. this necessary process of improvement that we have come to know and accept as evolution of the species."

Again Genna paused, and waited for the group to quiet themselves once again.

"But, ladies and gentlemen, here is the first of several pieces of startling news: you are no longer the top of the pecking order; you are, in fact, members of the old guard, you are relics, archaic... you are the Neanderthal destined to give way to the next step in evolution, to die off to make room for the new dominant life form, Homo superior, if you will."

Genna moved two small steps back, away from the sudden spontaneous shouts of protest.

Through his beard, Truman Gottleib shouted, "You said you could prove what you have to say. Homo superior? Living now? Here among us? Hah! Prove it."

Unhurriedly, with a calmly measured stride, Genna approached the big man. When she stood before him, she lifted her face up to within an inch of his, breathing softly to allow her fragrant breath to drift against his lips. Her wide open bright green eyes looked into his. She smiled a wistful and guileless smile.

"Do you believe what I told you was the truth, Truman?"

"Oh, yes Ma'am," he said, "I do. I truly do."

# # #

From a speech presented by Pindar Balzac to The General Assembly of The United Nations:

Yes, today I have for you some new insight from the aliens, and you are welcome to record them.

(Philosophical content deleted: G.C.)


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