Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still Tap, Tap, Tapping Away...

Yesterday's NaNoWriMo count was 1,490 words which brings my total to 15,230 words. I am still behind. By the 12th day my total count should be at least 19,040 words by now. But as I said earlier, my primary aim is to finish with at least 50,000 words but not feel it a failure to go over the deadline date of November 30. Once again I have posted the result on my website.

The link for Day 12 is:

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The current book on my bedside table for reading myself to sleep is The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver. I'm am nearly finished with it and while being entertained, I have learned some things about writing from reading it, one thing being that an author can overdo it on the rapid fire action scenes, wherein they are presented one after another, an action scene with rising suspense and then a cliff hanger and then an immediate resolution, which creates another pressing problem.

All this without a space for more in depth characterization or background, no breathing room or relief time for the reader. I always thought that this is the kind of writing that I would like, but now I find that the breakneck pace is a bit too much... even for me.

The next book on deck is Rabbit At Rest by John Updike. After that is Cat & Mouse by James Patterson, a prolific and successful author but one I have never yet read... not even one of his many best sellers.

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Mike at this very moment is getting ready to paint the walls of the billiard room, so I'd better get in there and help... he will probably need me to oversee the work, or will at least welcome a bit of advice. ...right!


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