Sunday, November 7, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 6

I've discovered that writing in this NaNo manner, I tend to depict only the actions of the characters and leave out all the boring stuff such as character and background locations descriptions... all the stuff that bores me when I am reading a novel. And that is probably a good thing. All that stuff can be added in revision of later drafts. I suppose I should just keep on writing in this manner, however, I do need to increase my daily output of words; I should conquer my built-in laziness.

Meanwhile, below is the way too short day 6 segment.

(Hey... I had a bunch of real life stuff to get done.)


Nicole London had managed to deliver her worshipful follower, Ricardo Newman, as naively unsuspecting as always, into the hands of her fellow agent David Sawyer just in time for a frenzied cab ride to the theater where she threw on her costume and dashed onstage to deliver her opening lines. Being a government agent was certainly stressful enough without the added burden of being a secret agent. Not to mention being a secret double agent. And not to mention being a successful secret double agent -- and a celebrated actress on top of all of that.

The play that evening went well, as it had in each of the performances for the past two months. The time consuming hand shakes and offerings of gift flowers afterward from her many admirers and well wishers seemed to go on forever, and it was with a welcome sigh of relief that she finally eased her weary body into the luxurious seat of the long gleaming black limo that was to carry her to her hotel.

Leaning back into the comforting warmth of the plush back rest, Nicole--as often happened when she relaxed--accessed that portion of her mind that allowed her to will away the destructive effects of abnormally excessive stress

But one fragment of thought nagged at her attention. Something was wrong. During the brief scene she's so recently concluded wherein she had persuaded Ric to accompany her right into the lion's den, so to speak, into the grip of David Sawyer, the so called evolved individual had performed, not as a superior being, but as a particularly weak example of the twenty-first century average man.

Or was she seeing the situation in an incorrect manner? The Newman fellow had been so tame, so domesticated, so easily handled. Something was definitely wrong about the whole thing. Sawyer and his minions had done a fantastic job of collecting data about the group. And she had assisted in the collation and various analyses by the experts.

What was it? Probably staring her right in the face. Too close to separate the trees from the forest.

What was most relevant? What did the results from all the studies of each group member show? What did they have in common?

Ric Newman was emotionally attracted to her, a normal from their point of view, an inferior being, the attraction perpetrated and accentuated by Nicole herself, of course, but there nonetheless. And it should not have been. To use one of their own examples, it would be like a modern man being attracted to a Neanderthal female.

And from the reports from more than one field agent, those two women, Nola Klok and Genna Greene, a same gender pairing, both sexual and emotional. Then there was that blond baby doll, something Sorensen, and Pindar Balzac himself, the self proclaimed leader of the group. Not a sexual pairing, at least not on the surface, but Balzac presented himself as being highly emotional all the same. He was known for losing his temper when confronted with authority figures, and his penchant for grabbing the spotlight at newsworthy events was well reported. His vanity was boundless. Not something one would expect from a superior being. What was the common thread?

Only one thing presented itself. Emotions. But if the group members were truly more evolved than the normals, then would not their intellects be powerful enough to better control their emotional actions better than their inferiors? Yet the apparently were less able to exert such control.

Uncontrolled, runaway emotions? An Achilles heel of the group? A possibility. She should pose this to Sawyer and he could then get the experts on that idea who could then search out all of its diverse possibilities and various ramifications.

She would wait, though, until she was in her hotel room. She should arrive there shortly, and she should probably give this a little more thought before calling Sawyer.

Maybe a good long soak in the sauna.

Yes, mull it over first. That's what she would do.


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