Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 28

The grueling grind is almost at an end, and I am winding down. Below is my plan for writing on this 28th day of NaNoWriMo:

Plan for this scene:

David Sawyer and Nicole London

They resolve an unexpected attack -- lots of action -- and then after winning the fight, they get together in the living room of David's home. They talk together, which is an opportunity to characterize both of them as well as describe their personal appearances and their backgrounds.

POV of Nicole:

Nicole is beginning to have romantic feelings for David. She made it through high school 'intact' as they used to say... a virgin at college entry, but not upon graduation... a college jock was her first lover. He was hard bodied, hard driven, hard nosed, and extremely hard headed. He did the things a sensitive guy would do for a girl, but Nicole could see that it was a sham. He was two faced, as were almost all the men she'd dated... Thankfully, David was not... at least he didn't seem to be. He seemed genuine, in everything he did.

David had the face of a man who had weathered much adversity, with only a few frown lines, or possibly 'care' lines on his wide forehead, a couple of them somewhat deep, and a long deep, curving vertical one bordering each of the corners of his mouth. His hair was dark, nearly as black as her own, but without the raven's silvery sheen she'd so often been complimented on. David's eyes also matched hers, deep brown with copper flakes surrounding the irises. He had a nice nose, she thought, not too large and not too small. Just right, she decided. His mouth, similarly was just right, perfectly fitted to the rest of his countenance. Lips? Yes; they were just right, not too full and not too thin.

His was not the trim, tight, and physically fit body of an athlete, but you could tell that he took care of himself. Probably ate all the right foods, exercised regularly, did not smoke tobacco, and drank liquor moderately, or not at all.


POV of David:

David had been surprised at London's fighting ability. He had known she was an efficient and well trained practitioner of the martial arts; her personnel file had told him that. But watching her in action, well, that was something to see. She was quick as a cat, streak of lightning fast. She had disarmed and disabled two of their attackers while he was still dealing with his first one. Then, after he had finally head butted his opponent into unconsciousness and felt the enormous weight of the final foe land on his back, Nicole waded in with a rapid upthrust knee to the groin, a flat knuckle right handed throat jab, sharp elbow to the midsection, and finishing it all off with a roundhouse kick to the side of the pug's gargantuan head.

You just have to admire a gal like that.


What comprises an intimate conversation between a man and a woman? Revealing an embarrassing event from the past? That time when you had a chance to do a remarkably good deed, but for one reason or another you passed it by and instead acted in a selfish manner, and you have relived that moment for all the years of your life (so far) since then?

This is what I want to do with the newly forming relationship between David Sawyer and Nicole London.

So... first I should think up and list some possible (subjectively horrific) events for each of them. Then I can choose the best from the list and compose my narrative and create some sort of appropriate, interactive dialogue.

The List

1. Reluctantly admits she has always felt responsible for her mother's suicide.
(a She wanted to play instead of doing her homework, sneaked off that day.
(b She was never a 'good little girl' but ran, yelled, and did dirty boy stuff.
2. ?

1. ?
2. ?


Okay... back to the actual seat of the pants writing now.

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