Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day 18

Yesterday I wrote 2,420 words, bringing my total to 25,070 words. I should have had that total by November 15. But I didn't.

My scenes from yesterday, Day 18 are posted at:

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At Poetry Flash I read a poem:

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in the basement bar
Of the Seelbach Hotel. A few years later, he traveled
First class to Hollywood and let them mutilate his soul.
The great Scott died drunk, penniless, writing-blocked, and alone.

Only after his death did Fitzgerald become a star,
As English Literature professors sought to unravel
The Great Gatsby’s tapestries. The slim novel has sold
One hundred million copies since Fitzgerald turned to bone.

From: Inappropriate
Face, poems and short prose by Sherman Alexie

. . .

I was amazed to read that, as a parlor trick, our twentieth president James Garfield could hold a pen in each hand and simultaneously write in Latin and Greek.

Good Gravy! I can't even shoot pool with my left hand. Maybe that's why I've never been president.

. . .

"Poets are like steam valves, where the ordinary feelings of ordinary people can escape and be shown."
--Sharon Olds
Sharon Olds

. . .

I suppose I should get busy writing my NaNo words for today.

Ta Ta...


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