Thursday, March 29, 2012

Notes From My Underground


I have grown to despise the phrase "born of working class parents" -- I don't know why I find it so downright offensive... I just do. Perhaps I'll do some self-analysis on the subject and report on my conclusions at a later date.

Perhaps . . .


At The Writer's Almanac I recently read: Virginia Woolf committed suicide on this day in 1941. A lively, witty, productive, creative person, whose life was overshadowed by her death.

How can that be? How can the work of a lifetime (however short) be counted as less important than how a person died? To me, that is ludicrous. It demeans, not only the woman, the talented writer, but indeed the general public itself.


Guess what! The rich are getting richer.

An opinion writer for the Washington Post, Harold Meyerson reported that according to a study published this month by the University of California economist Emmanuel Saez, in 2010, 93 percent of income growth went to the wealthiest 1 percent of American households, while everyone else divvied up the 7 percent that was left over. Put another way: The most fundamental characteristic of the U.S. economy today is the divide between the 1 percent and the 99 percent.


In The New Yorker I read: Since 1996, according to Gallup polls, between thirty-five and forty-seven per cent of Americans have described themselves as "evangelical" or "born again"; two-thirds mostly or wholly believe that angels and devils are at work in the world.


Well, not really.

A combination of reading about the religious beliefs of ordinary people and my own personal observations of the same leads me to believe that human beings are either biologically wired to equate their faith in the existence of Divine Parental Figures (God The Father and Mother Mary) with their emotionally impressed Earthly parental experiences during their infant years, or they are powerless in the face of their emotional need for peer acceptance.

Whew! Now that is a long sentence.

Meaningful though.


Pray With Me is a request from Martin S. Pribble to read and understand his heartfelt prayer to God. Martin (a writer I much admire) is sincere in his prayer, whether you are inclined to believe that or not.


Word For Today

rabbet (RAB-buht)
A rabbet is a recess or groove cut into the edge of a piece of machinable material, usually wood.

No, not a rabbit

A rabbet


I viewed a YouTube video that will, in itself, change absolutely no one's mind as to whether there is or is not a Christian god. But it might make some viewers think.

Or it might not.

It's entertaining, though.


Born On This Day In History

Born March 29, 1916
Died Dec. 10, 2005



"A certain ruthlessness and a sense of alienation from society is as essential to creative writing as it is to armed robbery."
--Nelson Algren

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