Monday, March 19, 2012

What Is A Successful Blog?


According to the owners of several successful bloggers, it is important to have a focus -- in order to build a 'brand' one must be associated with an idea. Aha! So that is why I have so few readers, or at least so few that bother to comment on my unfocused renderings of random content.

A successful blog attracts readers who agree with what is offered, but I tend to write about too many conflicting ideas on too many different subjects.

And I do that very thing . . . every day.

This lack of focus is something I believe I can conquer, but to do so I would have to give up the idea of posting to the blog every day. I am just not that prolific a writer. Or else I am not that skillful or intelligent enough.

Or do not care enough.

And . . . do I even want my blog to be successful?

I'll have to think about it.


I read an online newspaper's headline that stated: Thai state media: Thai billionaire who created Red Bull energy drink dies at 89.

And this brought home a fact that I have almost always known --

Everybody dies!


Gene Weingarten: Publish and perish is the title of a column from The Washington Post that might (or might not) be of interest to new writers hoping to be published.

Weingarten wrote: This is excerpted from a speech I gave last week at the Tucson Festival of Books -- and then he went on to give his opinion about the modern literary scene. Below are some of the highlights:

". . . books do not sell."

“. . . jacket copy, which is the material on the book jacket, lavishly complimentary about the author, and often written in the third person by the author himself."

"Publishers love blurbs; it’s their system of influence peddling. The dirty little secret about blurbs is that they are often written by someone who not only isn't familiar with the writer, but sometimes hasn’t even read the book. He is writing the blurb as a favor to his publisher."

The column is supposed to be an insider's somewhat comical rendition of what book publishing is really all about.

I doubt its veracity, and I didn't think it was funny at all.

By the way . . . I did not attend last week's Tucson Festival of Books but a member of my family did, and she had her picture taken with author Terry Brooks, a famous American writer of fantasy fiction.


Word For Today

stubbornly established by habit



Born March 19, 1955


Now that I have started thinking about becoming a successful blogger, I can't seem to let the thought go.



A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
--David Brinkley

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