Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't Think Of A Suitable Title

Back in 1994 I subscribed to a Writers Mailing List -- a group of people who shared with each other their creative-writing experiences, both their accomplishments and their failures. It was a large group, at that time with at least one hundred active members and it kept a guy busy reading all their postings and fully-absorbing their sometimes suddenly revealed hidden meanings.

Without getting into blame or the various reasons for what it has become, I'm sorry to say that Writers has degenerated into a mere shell of its former glory, the long-time members reluctant to post and the newer members too unsure of themselves to risk opening themselves up to possibly hurtful criticism. Presently less than ten of the members regularly offer postings. It is now a small group. It's now down to a few diehards like me. See Photo Album

Happily the demise of Writers has been accompanied by a rapid proliferation of aspiring writers who fill the social void (in me) by posting written (also sometimes hidden secret) images of their personalities to individual websites provided by Blogspot.

Separating the wheat from the chaff has been a long process but now I have amassed a fair number of such blogs that I now read each morning before I dive into the (cess) pool of my own mind to come up with something to post in my own blog.

I admit, though, that lately I have been quite remiss in investing sufficient thought into my blog entries. My excuse is that I am immersed in the multitudinous details of getting ready to move from Florida to another state. And doing so is taking a toll, which I am reserving as grist for future blog postings.

Not that it matters. Very few are reading my postings anyway. But that will change one day, of that I am fairly certain.

Until then, though . . .

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