Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Mind's Sluggish Today

Yesterday (Wednesday) Microsoft sent me (via automatic download) its latest Windows XP Security Update, which consisted of 10 files. Took about ten or fifteen minutes for my computer to 'install' the new files. Hopefully it will improve the Windows security.

I had stopped using Internet Explorer (version 8) a while back. After finding out (thanks to John Bailey) the Google Chrome did a much better job of browsing and at a much faster speed, I made it my default browser. At times I use Opera or Firefox, and occasionally Safari.

But I only use IE8 when I visit long-standing sites from my Links Page and I have IE set at its highest security setting. The reason I do this is because IE is set to open with my favorite-links page. No other reason than that. Kinda senseless, I know, but sometimes I like to indulge my silly-side.

Selling my possessions is certainly proving to be a slow process. Today I sold my dual-band 2-meter/70-cm Amateur Transceiver, the little Alinco mobile and a magnetic-mount dual-band mobile antenna that works great with the rig. Sold it for far less than it's worth but that's good luck for the purchaser, a local Ham named Jerry.

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