Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Congress No Longer Knows How To Govern

The more I read about politics, governance, and other associated fol-de-rol the more confused I become. It's as if all the rhetoric and the jargon and the intellectual malarkey are conspiring to convince me that I am a common dunce, a dunderhead, a know-nothing.

The Economist states: Incumbents running in clean elections average six and a bit years in office; in rigged votes, 16 years. "Well, duh," says Duncan Green, head of research at Oxfam, a British charity. Fair enough, it is obvious--but ten extra years may be more than expected.

Here is a link to The full report

After reading that report, I no longer think I am a dunderhead.

I know that I am.

Ah . . . to hell with it.

Democracy is the art of
running the circus from
The Monkey Cage

--H.L. Mencken

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