Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Thoughts . . .

After posting the last three entries I have been feeling some regret at the direction being taken. I suspect that a blog is not the proper venue for fiction. Not for me. Not at this time anyway. Not yet.

I am considering a move to delete the 'fictional' entries and re-write them then store them for future use as compositional 'notes' to be used later in a fuller more conventional form, such as a 'short-story' or as scenes from within a novel of some kind. Or a screen-play, or something else altogether.

But I am not sure yet.

Just thinking about it.

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  1. Gene,

    I realize that this decision is yours, and I understand second thoughts in such circumstances (I'm these days taking major risks by way of my own blog's content; but this time I choose to take those risks for my own reasons). Still, I think your story is a darned good one, wherever you choose to place it.