Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Morning

While reading a particularly boring book review I stumbled over the word "debuted" and thought immediately that this was an extremely ugly word indeed. But that was because of my strictly American (self)-education which at first instructed me to pronounce the word "de-BUTT-ed" instead of the correct pronunciation, which is "DAY-byood" of course

That bit of revelatory trivia will no doubt provoke disdainful laugher from the more classically-trained non-Americans, from the ever-present intellectual snobs, and most especially from the French. But when writing in this blog, honesty is always my elusive goal, which demands that I openly reveal (and not intentionally disguise) my many inherent defects.

Oh my goodness . . . I do not feel like writing today.

Well, no, that's not exactly true. I DO feel like writing, but I do NOT feel like searching for interesting topics to write ABOUT. Doesn't it irritate you to when reading along and you suddenly encounter words printed in UPPER CASE, to merely provide emphasis?

It certainly irritates ME.

I should not stoop to such ridiculous affectations.


Yesterday (Feb. 20, 2010)
The Old Grey Poet reported that in 7843 days he will be 92 years old. Since John and I were born in the same year, me a couple months before he, this means that in 7843 days I too will be 92 years (plus a couple months) old.

Fascinating . . .

There is a wintry photo the Saint Joseph's College skyline that I especially like for some unknown reason. I first saw it posted at:

Rensselaer Adventures

Why I like it is a mystery. Perhaps it's a work of art.

Or maybe it strikes a note of nostalgia in my psyche.

Today I have vowed to skip watching those ridiculous Sunday Morning News shows, and instead I am enjoying Easy Listening music on Jones Radio (WJAX) while I sit here at the computer and read and write and muse upon the humanly-created mysteries of life.

And for some reason I feel uncharacteristically relaxed. I do believe that my blood pressure is relatively normal this morning.

Ah well . . .

"God created man, but I could do better."

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