Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Before Today's Rain Begins . . .

My note in yesterday's blog entry regarding a problem with my email has now resolved itself somehow. I can only surmise that my email provider corrected the situation. I can now respond to messages that I have received from members of Writers and I will be doing so in the near future.

. . .

Yesterday morning I was otherwise occupied and later it rained most of the afternoon, so I did not go for a walk. And then, today, during my three-and-a-half mile fitness walk I discovered that striding along a sometimes busy paved road in a populated community soon after having finished three cups of coffee is inadvisable, unless of course there is plenty of concealing roadside foliage along the way.

. . . 'nuff said?

. . .

This photo is meaningless for all but one reader

A successful repair

. . .

About halfway through my morning walk a roadrunner appeared in a home's front yard. I missed it in two photo attempts while it was speeding away, but I got it once after it had retreated into the far distance. It's in the approximate center of the pic. Sorry it's so small. The landscaping is interesting though. Right?

. . .

There is a phrase that particularly irritates me. That phrase is " my heart of hearts" and, in my opinion, it is intellectually meaningless in itself and is only semi-valid when used as a poetical representation of another mythical object: the soul.

Even "in my heart" is meaningless.

Think about it.

. . .

Oh well. I'm off now to attempt to write some more perfect sentences to include in my novel.

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  1. Semi-valid? How valid is semi-valid? In all honesty, sir, I fail to understand.

    In my heart of hearts: intellectually meaningless, okay, because the "heart" cannot think (or can it?). If emotion is thoughtless, then is the mind repressive?

    Just recently you told me that in order to create a work of art one must engage his emotions, not his so-called intellect. So, did you mean to say that a writer needs to follow his heart and not his mind? Whatever do you mean?